Webinar: The New Mobile Wallet

The shift to mobile payments is approaching even more rapidly with the arrival of Apple pay. Apple is pushing for customers to replace their wallets with their iPhones, as is the case with mobile payment apps on other smartphones. There are many opportunities for brands to make use of the ‘mobile wallet’ era beyond even just payments. On Tuesday, November 4th Michael Hagan, Chief Sales Officer at LevelUp, and Ariel Page, Project Manager at Hale & Hearty Soups, will discuss where brands can capitalize in mobile payments to engage customers and improve their business.
The discussion will begin by explaining what mobile payments really mean for a business, and go on to explore the basic offerings of Apple’s new mobile wallet and how to move beyond the m to engage customers. The panelists will also give an overview of why encouraging customers to look beyond their Visa, MasterCard and American Express is a good idea. The webinar will also give a merchant’s perspective on the benefits of mobile payments and loyalty, and finally will include a glimpse at LevelUp’s integration into Apple’s mobile wallet and Android’s Google Wallet.
To get more details on the webinar and its panelists and to register, click here


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