Risk Management for Foodservice Business

Foodservices.insureon.com is a microsite that was launched by Insureon which aims to provide risk management resources to small foodservice business owners. The site includes a set of step by step guidelines on how to best manage their risk exposure. The site was particularly designed for restaurants, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, caterers and other food service businesses as a whole. One flowchart on the site shows businesses who to identify which insurance policies would be the most effective at mitigating their risks; it also shows some sample quotes so the business owner can get an idea of what cost can be expected.

CEO of Insureon, Ted Devine, recently stated in a press release that business insurance may seem daunting, and that “small-business owners are told they need it, but that’s all they hear. They might not have any idea which policies they need, why they need coverage, what they get in exchange for the premiums they pay, or how to reduce their overall risk. We’re fixing that problem. Restaurant owners and caterers come here and they can find out pretty much anything they want to know about insurance and risk management for their business.”

To read more about Insureon’s new site foodservice’s.insureon.com as a resource for foodservice business owners, click here and to visit the newly launched site click here

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