Webinar Event: Understanding The Decline In Dining Out

On September 23rd, 2014 at 2:00 EDT, an expert panel will host a live webinar titled,” Competing with the Refrigertor: Understanding the Millennial Decline in Dining Out.” The topics discussed will include how millennials form their dining decisions, what you can do to drive trial, and how to encourage long-term brand loyalty among Millennial customers. Millennials have a spending power of nearly $400 billion annually, yet they are choosing to dine out less frequently. In fact they are dining out 20% less than they did in 2007. The webinar will discuss how important it is to understand how millennials decide where and what to eat as this is the key to turning things around.

Webinar hosts include Dan Santy, President & CEO of Santy Integrated. Santy has a good understanding of the motivations that drive millennials and the marketplace has lead to intelligent strategies for an impressive roster of restaurant and multi-unit dining clients. Adam Pierno, Director of Brand Strategy and Planning at Santy Integrated will showase millennial insights in media, technology and the marketplace which lead to positive and revenue enhancing change for diners. James Bickers, Senior Editor of RetailCustomerExperience.com from Networld Media Group will also join the discussion as he has written about technology-related issued for many years both nationally and internationally.

For more information on how to join the live webinar, click here

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