Opportunities For Growth At Penn Station

Transportation officials hope to transform Penn Station into a complex where travelers are eager to experience the dining and retail offerings at the hub; similar to Grand Central Terminal where travelers can choose from various good coffee, dining and retail options, such as Shake Shack’s burgers, the GCT Market or Michael Jordan’s steaks. As it stands now, Penn Station is lined with cases of (probably day-old) soft pretzels, less than average pizza slices and grab and go food establishments. The frequent insect sitings, dim flickering lighting, low ceilings and visible homeless population certainly do not add to the experience either.

Several restaurants operated by Riese Organization in spaces owned by Vornado Realty Trust within Penn Station are expected to close, however it remains unclear whether or not they will be immediately replaced or if these spaces will be closed to make room for higher-end dining options. The owner of the station along with other Amtrak officials have stated that it would be challenging to have a fast turnover given the layout of the building and overcrowding concerns; they did, however, agree that there is a definite push towards a change to upgrade.

Moynihan Station, which is a future planned rail hub construction across eighth avenue, is intended to be built to resemble Grand Central Terminal in the sense that it will offer enticing dining and retail options. Amtrak’s principal of capital program development, Jeff Gerlach, has mentioned that new retail and food additions are more likely to be found in the Moynihan Station project over the next several years.

To read more about the efforts to upgrade New York City’ Pennsylvania Station, click here

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