Café El Presidente: Mexican Restaurant & Marketplace

30 W 24th Street (Flatiron)        Tel. 212.242.3491


Their Success…Dario Wolos, owner of Tacombi, opened an enormous and truly authentic Mexican restaurant serving all day parts in Flatiron in earlier this year. The space is comprised of white tiled high top tables in the entrance and a massive dining space in the back with a long taco bar, ‘Tacos Madison,’ where guests can order directly from the line cooks. In the left back corner of the long taco station is a large authentic ‘tortillera’ machine where the team produces the fresh tortillas for their tacos that are also sold for $3.95 by the pound; other Mexican ingredients are also for sale along the back of the restaurant.

At the entrance is a very colorfully decorated juice bar where guests can enjoy freshly pressed juices that are reminiscent of those sold from carts on almost every street corner in cities in Mexico. The tropical fruit choices and simple combinations set this juice selection apart from other fruit and vegetable juice bars around the city. Café El Presidente also serves a great café con leche using La Antigua coffee from a beautiful Elektra coffee machine. As a nice finishing touch, a small pot of simple syrup, which is easier to dissolve, accompanies the iced coffee. The restaurant also makes their own sodas and aguas frescas with flavors such as watermelon and horchata.

The most pleasant and unexpected aspect from Dario Wolos’ new restaurant is the fact that they serve a great Mexican breakfast. The breakfast menu has a wide selection of both sweet and savory options. Savory options include the typical huevos rancheros served on Vista Hermosa tostadas and eggs Tinga with achiote and chipotle braised chicken served on their homemade corn tortillas. Breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs are also served on the corn (or flour) tortillas. The sweeter breakfast options include some American classics, such as pancakes, with a Mexican twist; they are served with cinnamon, agave and delicious cajeta cream. Mexican oatmeal with vanilla and cinnamon is also available on the menu as well as a house-made Mexican granola that is sweetened with honey and agave syrup.

The most exciting items on the breakfast menu would have to be the baked goods. On the sweeter side, Mexican style croissants called Cuernitos (little horns) are served with a spiced apple and cinnamon house-made marmalade. The restaurant also serves sweet empanadas that are filled with seasonal fruits. The breakfast pastries also include muffins and biscuits that stay true to Mexican flavors such as the roasted corn & poblano muffin and the jalapeño and cotija cheese biscuit. The pastries are accompanied by queso fresco, a spicy chili honey and an orange-flavored cream cheese spread. The finishing touches on the menu such as the unique accompaniments to the baked items truly add value to the guest’s experience.

Take Aways…It is refreshing to come across a thoughtful breakfast menu that remains consistent with the theme and concept of the restaurant. The menu offers a good variety without being overwhelming and consists of items that are authentic and made fresh in-house. The smallest details and finishing touches make a great impact on the dining experience. It is also convenient to offer items that can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace surrounded by the authentically Mexican décor and fun atmosphere as well as items that are easy to take-away and enjoy on the go. The high quality of the sustainably sourced products make the marketplace items very appealing to the guest and will certainly create a good buzz and word-of-mouth. Café El Presidente succeeds in offering a visually stimulating space that has an authentically Mexican feel with great service and a properly thought out menu selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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