Growing Off-Premise Profitability Through Technology


Erle Dardick has been in the catering business for fifteen years and is known as the expert when it comes to helping multi-unit restaurants create successful catering revenue channels. Erle also founded a software, MonkeyMedia Software, that provides catering solutions to multi-unit restaurant operators.  The use of online and mobile ordering technology is the strongest sales and marketing tool to grow a business. Research shows that the average ticket is 30% higher on online ordering platforms than it is in-stores. In order to have a successful online ordering platform that is quick, easy and efficient in order to meet customers’ demands, a solid strategy must be put in place to promote the platform. Below are Erle Dardicks’s five marketing methods to promote an online catering platform:

1. Make your platform user friendly. The online and mobile ordering platforms should be very customer friendly and intuitive. It should be set up in a way that satisfies the needs of the customer in a user-friendly manner.

2. Determine the best way to drive frequency. Promotional offers and/or discounts on group orders over are a good way to increase ordering frequency. Rewards and loyalty programs are also a great tool to promote the online platform.

3. Drive in-store traffic to your online and mobile ordering platforms. Good signage in-stores that promote the catering program and online/mobile ordering platforms will increase awareness. Staff should also be trained to redirect callers who call in to place an order from the store to the online/mobile ordering platform (they could also offer a promotional code for a first time use of the service).

4. Reward first-time users.  Incentivizing first-time users of the online/mobile ordering platforms is of utmost importance. Research shows that consumers find it easier to redeem coupons and promotions online or through mobile devices, and will do so when prompted. This means that restaurant operators have an increased opportunity to promote their off-premise program through promotional offers that will drive online and mobile ordering, increasing sales as a result. The follow-up with these first-time users will prove useful as it is an opportunity to gather important information about their experience.


5. Follow-up about the customer experience. Feedback about the online and mobile ordering process and experience is important because it allows you to discover what customers like and what they believe has some room for improvement. It is as important to really ask the correct questions; ie. Were there any concerns after placing an order? Was everything to their satisfaction?


To read more about the way the proper technology tools can grow off-premise profitability, click here

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