Summer Seafood Boils Pop Up Around NYC

The season of crab, lobster and crawfish boils is among us. Restaurants around the city have been or are starting to offer weekly summer seafood boils at set prices for guests to enjoy. Whether you crave crawfish, crab, lobster or shrimp there are many options in the city this summer to indulge in. Large family-style seafood boils have become a very popular trend in restaurants in the summer months.

Why not opt for a lobster boil this Sunday for brunch? Beginning this Sunday July 27th and running weekly through to August 31st Hearth Restaurant on E 12th St and 1st Ave will be hosting Sunday Lobster Boils. The series was inspired by the Chef’s vacations in Martha’s Vineyard for the past five years where he and roughly 30 friends would dig a very large hole in the sand (above the tide line of course) to build a bonfire. The bonfire would be left to burn with about 50 volleyball-sized stones being thrown into the fire over the course of six hours. While the fire pit was heating up and being monitored, the corn in its husk was put into large drums filled with seaweed to soak in the ocean. When the time was right, a drum of cold seaweed was dumped onto the coals of the fire pit followed by the lobsters, corn, potatoes, sausage and steamer clams, then topped with another drum of seaweed to cook for just over an hour. After the seaweed was raked off and the seafood pulled out of the pit it was time to enjoy the feast!

While the restaurant does not house a massive coal burning bonfire-sandpit, the lobster is still tasty and the atmosphere is still light and summery. The three course meal for $68 includes a tomato and watermelon salad with bluefish paté, a lobster pot containing a pound of lobster per person, potatoes, chorizo, steamer clams and corn on the cob, and lastly a delicious peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. To read more about Hearth restaurant’s weekly lobster boils click here

Another establishment offering summer seafood boils is Back Forty in Alphabet City. Back Forty specialize in crab boils every Tuesday night hosted in their garden come rain or shine. The $74 ticket includes the food, tax and gratuity. Tickets go on sale every Wednesday prior at 10AM on the Back Forty website, here, and each seating is for a total duration of 2 hours.

Another southern style seafood boil which can be enjoyed on any day of the week can be found at the Boil on Chrystie St between Broome and Delancey. Claw Daddy’s is another great destination in the Lower East Side to get a fix of creole and cajun flavors with a traditional Louisiana-style boil. For more information on the menu, click here

This seasonal restaurant trend of offering large seafood boils for large groups attracts many guests and guarantees a weekly following. It is comforting to know that these options are available in New York City and not just along the coastline, so go out and enjoy!




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