Chef Bowien to Curate Brooklyn Taste Talks Festival

The Taste Talks food festival will be back in Brooklyn this September 12th-14th for the second consecutive year. Top talent in the food industry from chefs to critics to writers will be gathering to discuss and reflect on the future of taste. It will be featuring three days of workshops, discussions, tastings and symposiums. The festival will be presented by Chef Mario Batali and the Northside Media Group, and curated by James Beard Award winner Chef Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese and Mission Cantina. Last year April Bloomfield (Spotted Pig, The Breslin) hosted Taste Talks and acted as the Master of Ceremonies.

Events that will be hosted by Chef Bowien include:

Mother of Pearl: an cocktail hour featuring an Island Creek oyster and Champagne pairing which will lead into a multi-course sit-down dinner at Villain Restaurant in Williamsburg.

Taste Talks All-Star BBQ: Over 20 star chefs including Dale Talde, Christina Tosi, Alex Guarnaschelli and Andy Ricker amongst others will prepare a barbecue feast along the East River Park.

The panels that will be hosted at Taste Talks include topics such as photography and media, the future of food culture, the future of food magazines, expert food photography for everyday cooks and many others that will be concluded by a private chef’s dinner at Fitzcarraldo in Bushwick. Taste Talks will then migrate to Chicago for the first time on October 4th and 5th and will be curated by Paul Kahan of Blackbird and Avec.

To purchase tickets click here, and to read more information about the festival’s upcoming events click here


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