Vacation-Inspired Flavors for Summer

Yogurtand discovered an interesting method to promote their line of summer products by creating ‘vacation-inspired’ flavors. The summer promotional items will be launched every two weeks starting this week through to Sept.14.  The flavors were inspired by different favorite types of vacation: exotic escapes, exciting outdoor adventures, big city getaways and relaxing spa retreats.

Charlotte Lucich, Director of Marketing for Yogurtland, said in a press release that the flavors “taste like the best vacation you’ve ever had, right in your cup.” We’ve certainly all found ourselves thinking that about Piña Coladas and Mai Tais, so check out a few of the Yogurtland creations:

Tropical Getaway flavors, complete with an ocean blue spoon

  • Mojito Sorbet combines real lime with a hint of mint.
  • Lava Flow Frozen Yogurt blends real pineapple, coconut water and strawberries.

Spa Retreat-inspired flavors will be served with a purple spoon

  • Mudslide frozen yogurt blends real cocoa, coffee beans and a chocolate cookie.
  • Mango Peach Tea sorbet includes real mango, peach and white tea.

Vegas Weekend-inspired flavors come with a glittery pink spoon

  • Strawberry Margarita Sorbet is made with real strawberries and real limes.
  • Dark Chocolate Sorbet blends cocoa for a rich sorbet.

To see more of Yogurtland’s summer flavors, click here

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