Momofuko Milk Bar Baking Classes

Momofuko Milk Bar is offering a baking class series so participants can learn to make their sugary staples such as the legendary crack pie, birthday cake  and truffles. The class will be taught using the recipes out of the momofuko milk bar cookbook and will also include some newer recipes. Each class will be provided with the tools and ingredients to make the magic happen. Classes are open to all ages and culinary levels of expertise. The baking will take place at the Williamsburg production kitchen at 383 Metropolitan Ave between Marcy Ave and Havemeyer. The best part about these classes may be that participants can take home everything they bake… Here are the class hours:

Birthday Cake & Truffles:

  • Saturday July 12th, 11AM-1PM
  • Saturday July 19th, 11AM-1PM
  • Saturday July 19th, 3PM-5PM
  • Saturday July 26th, 3PM-5PM

Crack Pie & B’Day Truffles:

  • Saturday July 12th, 3PM-5PM
  • Saturday July 26th, 11AM-1PM

Classes cost $95 per participant and enrollment is open at any time. To read more about the bake the book series, click here

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