Up-Sell to Push Sales at Noodles & Company

Kevin Reddy, Chief Executive of the chain Noodles & Company, believes it is important for fast casual enterprises to compete not just on speed but on service as well. In order to push for more sales at dinner, Noodles & Company will be adding a free-floating server whose sole responsibility will be to up-sell. The server will approach customers and attempt to entice them with coffee, dessert, beer, wine, etc. The server will bring the items to the table and will not collect gratuity. This position will be considered as the Up-Sell specialist. Kevin Reddy believes this position will boost sales by 3 per cent.

For the past couple years Noodles & Company has been testing the up-sell service and expects to have these servers in all locations by the end of 2016.  Teddy believes the implementation of this position is stores is, “going to create a new niche at the high-end of fast casual that allows us to get some of the most important consumer needs from casual dining, a little elevated service, into a fast-casual concept.” Essentially the personalized service combined with a low-cost menu will help drive more consumers to the shop for dinner.

To read more about the Up-Sell specialist click here

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