Consumer Demand for Customization

Berge Simonian was a franchise owner in Houston when he noticed a popular trend starting to really take off: custom made salad. He decided to to create a brand, Salata, to be part of this fast growing trend. There are now 30+ Salatas in Texas and California and Chicago is next. According to David Laborde, director of product development, another 15 are set to open by the end of the year. Laborde believes that this rapid growth is driven mostly by the the consumer demand for customization which can easily be fulfilled at a salad-bar type concept. Of course Salata’s momentum is also backed by superior quality of ingredients and brand exposure.

Laborde has also observed a few other trends coming to the surface. Apart from clean, healthy customizable eating, Salata has also been incorporating more vegetarian protein options such as grains, tofu and falafel based on customer demand.  There is also a growing trend for different sauces and spice; not just hot spices but more globally influenced spices such as African and Indian flavors. Another focus of the product development team has been creating beverages unique to Salata. Flavored teas and lemonades are popular at Salata as they are a healthier option to fountain sodas which don’t really fit well with the brand.

To read more about how Salata creates loyal customers by keeping up with consumer demand click here


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