Developing A Restaurant Tech Strategy

Food Tech Connect will be hosting a series of classes on June 28th in NYC on how to save money on technology in a restaurant. The first class in the series will touch upon how to choose the POS system best suited for your restaurant, how to budget for your restaurant IT and how to drive more traffic and keep customers coming back. Overall the class will teach how to create a tech strategy that is straight forward and that will save you time and money. Mike Dulle, who leads the Restaurant & Bar Initiative at ShopKeep POS, will be leading this first 90 minute class.

Here are a few of the steps that will be covered in the class:

  1. Operational Setup: tech to purchase (Hardware & Network), website creation, POS
  2. Workforce Management: employee scheduling, payroll
  3. Demand Generation: reservations, local business listings, menu management, yelp
  4. Customer Retention: loyalty, email marketing, social media

The second class in the series is taught by Felicia Stingone, former Senior Managing Director of Brand and Marketing for Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group. The class focuses on different marketing strategies and how to really leverage and build your brand.

Here are a few takeaways from the class:

  • Learn about the marketing strategies restaurant powerhouses use to grow their business
  • Get an inside look at how to start to leverage “brand” to scale a business, from opening more doors or new concepts to publishing books and launching products
  • Walk away with insights and practical tactics that you can use to shape a brand strategy and develop a marketing plan to help grow your business.

The last part of the series is a panel led by the founders of Culintro, Easy Pairings and Culinary Agents. The panel discussion will focus on how to streamline hiring processes and which technologies can help make this process easier. It will also share tips on how to empower employees to succeed and give an insight into how these three startups are working to improve and simplify the hiring process.

The series welcomes already established brands as well as startups and anything in between. The course will take place on June 28th in NYC but will also become available online on Aug 6. To read more about the event click here

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