New Starbucks Beverage Option

Last year Starbucks tested Fizzio sodas in a few of their shops and are now expanding to the southern half of the U.S and Hawaii. By the end of this coming year Starbucks is hoping to have expanded the made-to-order sodas nationally. Starbucks has promoted the benefits of the Fizzio machine as it can add carbonation to already flavored drinks and not just water; the amount of fizz is also adjustable on the machine. During the rollout Starbucks will be charging fifty cents to add fizz to a beverage and will be implementing location-specific flavors.

Starbucks is aiming to attract more customers for lunch by adding the Fizzio machine to their shops. The chain is also introducing new Teavana iced teas and new sandwiches for the same purpose of driving more lunch time traffic into their shops. For the moment Starbucks is not working on creating their own branded soda machine, however some well-known companies such as Keurig Green Mountain and Bevyz are partnering with Pepsi and Coca-Cola to design their own at-home soda streams. It probably won’t be long until the chain also has a go at it.

To read more about Starbucks’ new beverage option click here

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