Halal Guys to become Middle Eastern Chipotle

The street vendor Halal Guys, whose original location can be found on 53rd and 6th Avenue in Midtown, will soon be turning its cart into a restaurant chain. Halal Guys just signed a deal with the franchise consulting firm Fransmart. The firm hopes to have outposts in Canada, Los Angeles, along the East Coast and in the Middle East within a year’s time. In the next five years it also hopes to include more US locations as well as some in Europe. Fransmart is the firm responsible for the franchising of Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Qdoba. The chief executive officer of Fransmart, Dan Rowe, has stated that he believes this deal could turn Halal Guys into “the Chipotle of Middle Eastern food.”

Two other locations within New York City were already in the works before this deal was finalized; one in the Lower East Side and one near Columbia University. These locations will operate independently of Fransmart. The other five carts around the city will also continue to stay open for business.

To read more about the franchising of Halal Guys click here

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