New App Means New Competition for Fast Casual

In an effort to add more emphasis on speed and hospitality, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse launched an app last Tuesday that allows diners to place their orders before arriving at the restaurant. BJ’s Chief Executive Gregory Trojan believes that being hospitable is the most important task for a waiter. The casual-dining restaurant chain’s goal in launching the app is to shift the wait staff’s duties to enable them to focus on being more conscientious of the customer.

The customer is placed on the wait list once they have ordered via the app, eliminating the need to wait at the host stand upon arriving at the restaurant. The kitchen fires the meal once the customer is seated to ensure the food is hot when it arrives at the table. The app also offers a mobile payment option at the end of the meal eliminating the need to wait for the check.Trojan assures that the app will not mean less waiters but simply that the waiters will be removed from the ordering process.

The increase in speed and service will be an added draw to the customer which will enable BJ’s to better compete with fast casual establishments. Panera Bread and McDonald’s have also been experimenting with different ways to include the customer to streamline the ordering process.


To read more about the app launch and what it means for the future click here


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