New Foodie Crowdfunding Site

Having noticed a significant increase in food-related crowdfunding campaigns on popular sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Cheryl Clements, Founder & CEO of Fundafeast, took it upon herself to find a method to help food entrepreneurs grow their business. In February of this year Clements launched Fundafeast, a NYC based food-specific crowdfunding site. A few similar sites already existed, however, the Fundafeast business model set itself apart by having implemented a “Keep It All” policy;  meaning that apart from the site’s 4% fee, members retain all of what they raise. Startups using Fundafeast are also offered memberships to the site where they can benefit from services such as web development, product design guidance and legal help at a very low cost.

To read more about Fundafeast’s growing community and an interview with the Founder & CEO click here


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