CMO, CEO, Chief Innovators are Welcomed to Join Inventours

Inventours is sponsoring events in Paris and Barcelona this summer. Both programs are “process and creativity insights training for executives looking to innovate through exclusive meetings with globally renowned innovators in product design, technology, food, fashion sustainability, architecture, hospitality and retail.” According to the Inventours site:

Paris June 22nd – 27th 2014:

Paris is renowned for its food, fashion, art, architecture, engineering and retail presentations. This highly unusual and insight-generating program will highlight the city’s most cutting edge innovations across the variety of creative disciplines that Paris does best. We’ll view the work and speak to the innovators first-hand in their offices, studios, boutiques, and labs to glean new ways or thinking and organizing for innovation.

Barcelona June 8th – 13th 2014

Barcelona has long been a hotbed of creativity and independent thinking: home of groundbreaking artists Picasso, Miro and Dali, and the brilliantly original, architect Antoni Gaudi. In cuisine, Ferran Adria is considered the most innovative chef in the world in history. In fashion, Desigual, Custo, and Camper are innovators in color, asymmetry, and style. Buildings such as the gold, fish-shaped Arts Hotel, Jean Nouvel’s Torre Agbar, the colored tile roof of Santa Catarina Market, and the Palace of Music, all have made Barcelona a world-class center of architectural innovation. Barcelona shouts with innovative, original, independent design thinking in all creative fields and so it was selected as the perfect city for an InventoursTM innovation inspiration program.

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