107-09 71st Avenue between Queens Boulevard and Austin Street (Forest Hills) • 718.793.1640


Gotta Getta Bagel

Their Success…It seems like every New Yorker has a bagel store they swear by; whether it’s Murray’s, Ess-A-Bagel or The Bagel Store. After all, bagels are a culinary staple of New York. This month we’re spotlighting Gotta Getta Bagel, a successful certified-kosher bagel store that’s been famous to its Forest Hills neighbors since its debut in 1997. Hopefully it will soon earn some much-deserved recognition amongst bagel fanatics in other boroughs. Gotta Getta Bagel places a high value on ingredient sourcing. Everything is made from scratch in their 24-hour operating kitchen, and the father-son owners refuse to cut corners to sacrifice quality. Nothing is ever frozen or artificial.

 The quality of the lox is a key distinguishing factor at Gotta Getta Bagel. The owners have sourced their lox, along with all of their fish products, from Service Smoked Fish in Brooklyn for fifteen years. Service Smoked Fish has been around for fifty years and is considered one of the top seafood distributors; some of their more notable clients include Russ & Daughters and Zabars. Gotta Getta Bagel’s successful relationship with one of the most reputable seafood purveyors is not the only reason behind the consistently superior lox quality. The lox is sliced paper-thin in house, as opposed to being shipped pre-sliced. This ideal combination results in sashimi-style, barely-salted sliced lox with sufficient fat striations.
J. Kings Food Service Professionals, Inc. supplies Gotta Getta Bagel with every ingredient not including seafood. Gotta Getta Bagel offers over a dozen bagel flavors, several cream cheeses, spreads, and an entire pastry selection including doughnuts, croissants, muffins and cookies. There isn’t anything that is shipped pre-packaged; all the bakers need are essentials like flour, sugar, water, chocolate et. al,, and they make everything on-premises. The cream cheeses could be considered semi-homemade since the plain cream cheese is by Philadelphia, however the additions to both savory and sweet cream cheeses are made and mixed in the kitchen. Bakers begin their shifts at 2:30am to prepare for the 6am daily opening, making everything before the sun rises. No bagels are left overnight for use the following day. Instead, any leftover bagels are donated to local synagogues weekly.

Take Aways…Sourcing ingredients from reputable companies and taking measures to ensure quality control is a strong differentiation point. Most customers have the capacity to distinguish between average and superior quality. At the end of the day it’s important to stand out from your competitors by guaranteeing the best quality; especially when your competitors are omnipresent.

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