88 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10003 (Lower East Side) • 212.228.8880

88 Orchard

88 Orchard

Their Success… Can a cafe offer it all?  88 Orchard succeeds in combining sustainability across all elements.  They feature organic sustainable coffee, locally sourced pastries and bread, wine and beer selections and on site preparation of sandwiches, salads and cheeses.  They prominently feature their purveyors such as Amy’s Bread, Balthazar Bakery, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters and Saxelby’s Cheese.  This is more than your typical cafe– this is a neighborhhood joint that you too wish you had just outside your door.  In addition to the welcoming environment upstairs, there is an intimate dining area downstairs.  Their design is mainly reclaimed materials and on a monthly basis they featuring a rotating showcase of art from local artists.  This cafe has built a community like culture and makes this operation one to follow.

What We Learned… Sustainability is good for business and good for building a community around your business.  This cafe does it all in offering in serving their community all day with a menu from breakfast to night.

Take Aways… Understanding the the community you serve is value added to your business and to your guests.

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