My Alumni, University at Buffalo Students launch Restaurant IPAD POS System

The days of waiters and waitresses scribbling down orders on scraps of paper may soon be coming to an end. There’s now an app for that. It’s the work of two former servers who ditched waiting tables for entrepreneurship.

The two former servers have launched a company around their app known as Refulgent Software. In January, the business was accepted into the University at Buffalo’s business incubator. As former UB students, O’Leary and Khan say running Refulgent out of an office in the incubator lends legitimacy to their business. They’re also able to tap consultants and professional advisers in making decisions about Refulgent’s future. The company has grow steadily in its one year of existence and now employs five people. Ambur is available on the iTunes App Store.
New IPAD restaurant POS from UB alumni

Appeals court delays April 30 National Labor Relations Board

In a major setback for the National Labor Relations Board, a federal appeals court today officially put the brakes on a new poster mandate that the NLRB sought to impose on most U.S. businesses starting April 30.
Despite a series of legal setbacks, the NLRB had appeared to be moving ahead with its planned April 30 enforcement date for the controversial new poster requirement. The unusual NLRB rule seeks to require most U.S. businesses to hang new 11″ x 17″ workplace notices advising employees of their rights to organize into unions. Many have called the posters biased and heavily slanted toward unions.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals today issued an emergency injunction that blocks the NLRB from enforcing the poster mandate.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf opens their 4th New York City location in the Upper East Side

This Los Angeles chain opens their newest location with a custom coffee and tea cellar that has over 100 tea and coffee blends to choose from.
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the Upper East Side is located on East 83rd Street and 3rd Avenue