Unwrap a free gift from TaraPaige Group

We are underway with a New Year and what a great start. We are hearing the buzz about new and existing retail businesses coming to New York City and we want to help you. Expanding and opening retail enterprises demand a lot of focus, leadership and passion; that x-factor. You already have that; lean on us and let us guide you towards building a sound operational and financial structure.

Unwrap a free gift from TaraPaige Group as our New Year’s Present to you. Whether you are a new concept or an expanding enterprise, we want to hear and learn about your enterprise. We will be selecting one enterprise and offer a free strategy consultation session with our Managing Partner. The strategy session will take place at one of the businesses’ locations and the length of the session will depend on the business operations. Following up to the strategy session, the enterprise will receive a strategic report that will serve as the blueprint to assist your business in 2012. Please share with us the following in 350 words or less:

1) Overview of your business
2) Three Proudest Moments from 2011
3) Three Challenges from 2011
4) Three Short Term Goals for 2012 and how TaraPaige Group could assist you.

To be considered, your business must reside in the tri-state area (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey) and the following must be included.

•Story Teller’s Name, Role, Email Address
•Company Name
•Company Address
•Web address
•Company Phone
•Year the business was started.

The enterprise story we find most compelling will receive our New Year’s Gift. Responses are due by Thursday, March 1st. The recipient of the New Year’s Gift will be announced on Wednesday, March 15th. Please send your enterprise story in an enclosed document (pdf or word) to vision@tarapaige.com.

Happy Unwrapping… TaraPaige Group


  1. This is an amazing opportunity! Thanks so much, I will definitely be sending in a story.

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