Free online tool helps small/medium-sized growers get certified as a Good Agricultural Practices producer and become familiar food safety requirements for large buyers

During a press conference on Thursday, December 15th, Jim Slama, President of, highlighted the new tool which would make it easier for farmers with their food safety plans and provide more transparency between the buyer and the farmer.
Farmers also see this as a cost-saving tool since more buyers are requesting that farms are GlobalGAP-certified

City denies Gowanus’ Whole Foods permission to build on the banks of the waterfront

The New York City Board of Standard and Appeals wants to make sure that the environment surrounding the space is protected and denied the grant for construction on the waterfront on Tuesday, December 13th.
Brooklyn locals who are in favor of the development of the new Whole Foods store think that the access to organic food and other benefits that it would bring to Carroll Gardens and Park Slope outweighs the pollution factors

Japanese-style coffee shops, also known as a kissaten, become less popular as the craving for western-style espresso drinks and steamed milk heat up

Little Nap Coffee Stand by Yoyogi Park in Tokyo

Little Nap Coffee Stand by Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Photo courtesy of New York Times.

Kissatens, which have been been around since 1888, is a the traditional way that Japan enjoys coffee but with the introduction of westerns-tyle coffee shops, the kissaten might be losing some traction with the newer generation of coffee drinkers.
The New York Times notes that “…A kissaten is more about the experience than what’s in the cup” and also highlights a couple of places to check out western-style and Japanese-style coffee