Increasing Speed of Service

Innovations in mobile payments lead to a more efficient and seamless experience which will increase restaurant traffic, however, as an operator you need to be equipped for the influx of guests and know how to keep a speedy service. Leaders from across the fast casual segment discussed solutions to drive the speed of service at the ninth annual Fast Casual Executive Summit held in Denver and came up with nine main solutions:

1) Adding a second line.  The addition of a second line that focuses solely on catering, online or mobile orders and carry out will help break up the line and lead to speedier service.

2)Encourage guests to break the line. Hand in hand with number 1, tweeting that online ordering lets you go in the second line will also help manage flow.

3)Choose adequate online software. Choose a software that knows to space out online orders to allow for increased efficiency.

4) Off-site phone orders. The advantage of moving phone orders from the cashier to a call center is that they can be handled as mobile orders socustomer data can be captured which opens up another segment for marketing.

To read more solutions and suggestions on how to increase the speed of service in the fast casual segment, click here

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