Retail Spotlight: Curated Food Markets


Their Success…There is no doubt that the opportunity to be a food vendor at curated food markets such as Smorgasburg or any of the seasonal UrbanSpace markets offers great brand exposure. The artisanal and handcrafted fare that can be found at such markets create a communal atmosphere and interactive experience for guest and vendors alike. The transformed city spaces provide an excellent platform for food companies to market their brand and products, especially if the vendor is in the process of opening their first brick and mortar location.

The open-air market space serves as a great ‘test kitchen’ to showcase the vendor’s products with locals and tourists of all ages and backgrounds as an audience. While the great exposure may often take precedence over the revenue for the sheer marketing and promotional opportunities, there are also certain challenges that are encountered by the vendors.

Firstly, the demand for a spot at these markets is very high and the application process is very selective. One reason for the careful selection process is the restriction on same-item sales; for example, two different doughnut companies or two different coffee companies cannot operate on the same day in the same market space. Vendors are also at the complete mercy of their exposition to the elements; basing production off of the ever-changing weather forecasts can be tricky!

Take Aways…Overall there is no comparable marketing opportunity for food vendors trying to spread awareness of their brand and promoting their products. The sense of community created in these spaces and general atmosphere is unique; the New York Times has even coined Smorgasburg as, “The Woodstock of Eating.” The eclectic mix of vendors, diverse culinary fare and general entrepreneurial spirit create an exceptional environment for foodies and business professionals alike.

Check out some of these current and upcoming markets in New York:

Curated Food Markets:
UrbanSpace Garment District
September 15th-October 17th
41st St & Broadway
11AM-9PM Daily
April 5th Thru November 22nd/23rd
Saturdays: Williamsburg, East River State Park
Sundays: Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5
Soon moving indoor for winter starting November 29th at 80 N 5St, Brooklyn
UrbanSpace Broadway Bites
October 6th– November 14th
Greeley Square Park, 33rd St & Broadway
Holiday Markets:
Columbus Circle Holiday Market
59th St & Central Park West, SW Park Entrance
December 2nd– 24th
Hours TBA
Union Square Holiday Market
Nov 20th – December 24th
Union Square Park 14th St
Hours TBA


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