Chopped Salad in the Starring Role

In today’s New York Times, William Grimes focuses on the popularity of chopped salad as the de facto lunch option in the Northeast.

He likens ordering a chopped salad to buying a car. “You start with a base price that includes a limited number of toppings, usually four or five. After that, each addition costs extra. How much depends on the ingredient. At Chop’t, tomatoes, black beans and chickpeas each cost 59 cents, feta cheese costs 99 cents, smoked bacon costs $1.49, and steak tops the list at $3.49.”

How did the concept become so popular? Some say it’s about having choice of ingredients, others about control.

Read the full story here.

Free salad giveaways today at 11:30am to mark the newest addition to the Chop’t chain in the Flatiron District

Chop’t is opening their doors today with free salad from 11:30am – 1:30pm. This will be the ninth location to the salad fast casual restaurant chain.
Chop’t is located at 18 East 23rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue


24 E 17th St, New York, NY 10003 (Flatiron) • 646.336.5527

Chop't Creative Salad LLC

Chop't Creative Salad LLC

Their Success… Rethinking the traditional salad. The perception of a salad is usually associated with thoughts like healthy, light, good for you but not so tasty. Chop’t first opened its doors at the location we visited in Union Square on January 5th, 2001. Since then, with various locations in New York and Washington D.C., the company has successfully altered the salad of today and tomorrow. “Choppers” chop up the custom made-to-order and suggested seasonal favorite salads as the guest walks through the operation. By combining the “Better is better” philosophy and dedication to the overall guest experience, Chop’t is more than just a fast casual enterprise that makes salads– they are also a lifestyle to be lived.

What We Learned… Embracing the guest experience and product creativity can make any product even more enticing than originally thought.

Take Aways… Create an opportunity to be more creative with your product. Invite guests to join your enterprise into the wonder of the production “entertainment” of your products. What is the preparation process? How can the process engage the guest?


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