Dave Pasternack to Join Forces with LDV Hospitality

Chef Dave Pasternack of B & B Hospitality Group’s Esca is partnering with LDV Hospitality (Scarpetta, American Cut) in an Italian fish restaurant venture. The restaurant will open in the old Promenade Des Anglais space. “I’m calling it Barchetta, which means small boat,” said Chef Pasternack. He continues, “It’s taken me 14 years, but I’m finally doing it.” Esca patrons need not worry, as Pasternack has no plans to leave.

Bombay Sandwich Co. Opening First Store

Serious Eats reports the popular vegetarian Indian sandwich stand, a favorite at Smorgasburg, will open their first store on November 18th. Husband-wife owners Shiv Puri and Shikha Jain are in the final stages of revamping their Chelsea outpost on 48 west 27th Street.

Admirably, the first-time restaurant owners considered the opening process seamless, and they managed to stay within their budget.

In regards to the experience, Puri claims, “I’m thankful that it has, mostly, been really positive and empowering. Part of this is because I spent a lot of time making sure that I hired the right team.” Ten to fifteen architects and contractors presented Puri and wife Jain with widely varying proposals and budgets. He stressed the importance of presenting your best work at every stage of the opening process; at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Puri brings up a valid point; hiring the right team doesn’t end at kitchen and front of house staff in creating your “ideal” restaurant. Opening a restaurant is a two-way street; whether it’s your first time or twentieth, doing your homework in advance and coming prepared will bring your dreams one step closer to fruition.

Tres Carnes Caught Our Eye, Then Our Belly

After walking by the uber-rustic-chic Tres Carnes corner of Chelsea for the past couple of weeks, we finally had a chance to dine “in” yesterday, and see what the lines are about. Serious Eats gave them a first look, and we’re glad we did. In a neighborhood saturated with fast casual outlets, it seems they are poised to take on the storm.

There’s a verified pit master, Chipolte-level efficiency of service, and what seem to be many happy meat eaters in the midst.

Pastai Opens Artisan Pasta Bar Today in Chelsea

Pastai has opened an artisan pasta bar, with gleaming retail, in Chelsea today. All of the pasta is produced on site, including gluten-free options which are produced and kept away from wheat.



Haven’s Kitchen: March & April 2013 Classes

Thinking of of learning some new skills and getting some fresh culinary inspiration?

Haven’s Kitchen has added March and April classes to their newly revamped calendar.

You may also call 212.929.7900 or email classes@havenskitchen.com to register.

Haven’s Kitchen: January & February 2013 Classes

Thinking of of learning some new skills and getting some fresh culinary inspiration?

Haven’s Kitchen has just added January and February classes to their calendar.

You may also call 212.929.7900 or email classes@havenskitchen.com to register.

Organic Avenue is now open in Chelsea

The store opened at 8 a.m. yesterday morning to many loyal patrons. Organic Avenue is best known for their cold-pressed juices and vegan meals.
Organic Avene is located on 8th Avenue and 21st Street

Chelsea’s Table Dairy Bar Window is now open

Chelsea’s Tables now has a walk-up window serving smoothies and frozen yogurt made from Stonyfield Farm Organic products.
Chelsea’s Table Dairy Bar is located at Chelsea Piers (Pier 62) near West 22nd Street

Haven’s Kitchen August Supper Club on Tuesday, August 14th

This month Haven’s Kitchen welcomes Seamus Mullen, Hero Food author and Chef and Owner of Tertulia, and Chef Lior Lev Sercarz, Proprietor of La Boîte á Epice. An evening that will start with cocktails, canapés, and conversation in the teaching kitchen. After informative conversations, you’ll enjoy an intimate dining room for a heroically delicious, spiced-to-perfection dinner served with hand-selected wine pairings.
Get your tickets now

Opening Update: Sullivan Street Bakery opens 2nd location in the Chelsea area

The bakery opened its doors last week Wednesday with much anticipation from their loyal fan base. The second Sullivan Street outpost is baking traditional favorites on-site such as the olive oil cake, cornetti, bombolonis and much more with Italian groceries for sale.
Sullivan Street Bakery is located at 236 Ninth Avenue at West 24th Street


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