Financials and Food- Tara Berman

Tuesday July 28th 2015. 4 PM- 5:30 PM

“We are unified in the idea that with greater access to knowledge and resources, together we can make a larger impact on the future of our industry and our own careers.” Journee is community of restaurant professionals with events and classes that can provide insights into better performance of the industry.

Tara Berman, Founder and Managing Partner of TaraPaige Group, will be sharing her insights into the hospitality enterprises and her success in becoming the face of the industry. This lecture will ultimately allow professionals to better manage and strategize department operations and develop financial understandings of the hospitality food business. Managers, Chefs, Human Resources, Marketing and Owners will understand daily decisions impacting profitability, learn key financial terminologies to better communicate, identify company trends, and learn why and how to prepare budgetary processes.

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Coffee Industry at Risk

A common thread around the world is coffee. 17-PROTO-articleLargeCoffee is a liquid that drives “productivity and civilization” and because of the importance of coffee in generations right now concerns about the Coffee Berry Borer is growing. The Coffee Berry Borer is a beetle that is endemic to Central Africa but can also be found in other countries that produce coffee beans. This beetle can live and withstand a massive amount of caffeine, a usual insecticide. It is estimated to withstand 500 shots of espresso for a 150- pound human. These beetles capability to withstand high caffeine levels and their addiction to coffee beans is potentially cutting crops of coffee beans by 80%.

Researchers have been studying potential solutions against this beetle who spends most of its natural life in a coffee bean.  A study by Lawrence Berkeley scientists believe that the bacterial species in the beetles’ digestive tract allows it to safely live in a coffee bean and break down caffeine before what usually would kill other insects. Javier Ceja-Navaro, Lawrence Berkeley scientist, believes that if we can “develop a way to disrupt the bacteria and make caffeine as toxic to this pest as it is to other insects” the beetle population will reduce without the use of pesticides. Other solutions include having more trees near coffee bean farms as birds will be more attracted to high population trees and will potentially eat the insects.

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NYC Restaurants are Required to Freeze Raw Fish

sashimi-resizedSushi restaurants have lured gourmands by boasting of the freshest fish. But with new regulations, published by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, restaurants are required that fish served raw, undercooked or marinated raw are to be frozen first to guard against parasites. This regulations has been approved by the Board of Health and will be set to take effect in August. The Health Department regulation is that fish will be required a minimum freezer storage time of anywhere from 15 hours to a week depending not eh temperatures and storage process.

Though customers might be distasteful at their “fresh” fish coming from a freezer, the truth is that many chefs in NYC’s top restaurants have long used frozen fish to prevent serving their raw fare with a side of pathogens. “We purposely deep-freeze at negative 83 degrees, and we use one of those medical cryogenic freezers, this way it’s kind of like cooking, but instead of using heat we use freezing to remove parasites or bacteria on the outer surface.” says Yuta Suzuki, vice president of Sushi Zen. Even with these public regulations, because many restaurants have already been utilizing freezing as a method of pasteurizing, chefs believe it won’t take too much effect on their process of cooking. Moreover, frozen fish are free of parasites, and also cheaper, available out of season and sometimes even tastier.

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Retail Spotlight: Fuku NYC

163 1st Ave. New York, NY, 10003.

Their Success…This summer a rising trend fukuwebof Chicken sandwiches are evident. David Chang,
Founder of Momofuku Inc., is named a leader in this trend with his opening of Fuku NYC,home to an $8 spicy-fried-chicken sandwich. Since its opening on June 10th, Fuku has been on headlines and trending throughout social media because of its chicken sandwich. There is an obvious inspiration by Chick-fil-A which Chang grew up eating in suburban Virginia, and he also claims to be a fan of In-N-Out for its unique corporate culture as much as for its burger. Chang describes Fuku as “our attempt to sort of honor the great fried-chicken places and fast-food concepts out here, to do our version of that, and hopefully, to make it better.” With never-ending lines around the corner of the restaurant , one can say Chang has successfully started a fried-chicken culture and redefined “fast-food.”

Fuku NYC is located on 10th St. and 1st Ave. This location is also the original location of the Momofuku Noodle bar. After six months of intensive renovations and development, Fuku now boasts a very chic urban atmosphere. Utilizing their space to its full potential, an open kitchen, and bar side tables are available for those who are eating-in. Although no chairs or stool are available for consumers, customers are fully accommodated as a fast-casual restaurant.  After ordering, customers are given a number where then Fuku employees will bring their orders to customers whether it was to eat-in or take-away. Likewise, employees are constantly walking around the restaurant to take away trays.

Employees are also seen refilling their ketchup and ssam sauce bottles throughout the restaurant. The Ssam Sauce is Fuku’s’specialty’ sauce that adds more spice to the chicken burger. Ssam sauce is Fuku’s rendition of an already existing Korean chili sauce and is sold to customers separately. While most customers order a spicy chickenburger, Fuku does serve salads and fries. Fuku also offers a lunch special where customers can easily get a spicy chicken burger, fries and a drink for $12, potentially saving themselves $1 when buying them separately.

Take Aways…Fuku NYC does a great job with creating traffic and retaining customers. With Fuku only at 600 square feet and an open kitchen and bar, there is limited space for people to stand in line so customers are forced to wait on line outside. However, Fuku makes ordering very quick and easy. While one stationed register takes orders, another employee is seen walking down the lines to take orders through their iPads. This potentially retains customers on line by binding orders. Moreover, consumers feel well accommodated and less annoyed from waiting. Fuku only accepts credit cards which speeds up the ordering process.

Their chicken sandwich is simply a fried chicken, pickles and a buttered bun but consumers are attracted to Fuku’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich because of its large fried chicken at an affordable price of $8.

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Restaurant Tech: From Sourcing to Reservations

Technology is a major factor in growing businesses now, and is especially transforming the restaurant industry. Many start-ups are developing applications and resources to improve restaurant operations and optimize dining experiences. On July 22nd presenters of these start-up companies will share what makes their technologies and business models unique and their lessons learned from growing their companies.

There will be a networking event, wine from Taste Wine Company, catering from Ox Verte, Salsa Pistolero, Digg In and Wandering Bear Coffee Co. Presenters include Krystle Mobayeni, Co-founder of Bento Box, Konstantin Zvereff, Co-founder & CEO of Improvonia, Greg Hong, CEO & Co-founder & Board Director of Reserve, and Adam Eskin, Founder of Digg Inn.

The event is from 7 PM- 9:30 PM at LMHQ (150 Broadway, 20th Floor, Manhattan, NY). Price is $20.00 per person.

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100,000 Opportunities Initiative

635723161675547989-howardschultzEven as the U.S economy has improved, unemployment among young people particularly African Americans and other minorities remain high. The overall teenage unemployment was 18.1 percent in June and 31.5 percent in African American teens. Many companies including Walmart, Walgreens, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Hilton, J.P Morgan etc. have joined a coalition in opening job opportunities, apprenticeships and internships for teens and young adults who face systemic barriers to jobs and education. Howard Schultz, chairman and CEO of Starbucks, said “By using our scale to create pathways to affordable education and meaningful employment for these young men and women, we’re strengthening both our workforce and our economy.”

Companies like Starbucks already generally employ man young people. Nearly 80 percent of Starbucks’ workforce is comprised of Millennials, and is committed to hiring at least 10,000 opportunity youth over the next three years. They have also included a tuition reimbursement program were those who earn an online bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University will be reimbursed. Taco Bell, has also been an active supporter of employing young people where more than 1 million teens since the company’s opening have been employed. Taco Bell is preparing to create 50,000 new jobs for teens. Likewise, employees have a variety of online options to earn their GED or college degrees as a benefit in working for Taco Bell.

Many companies and restaurants joining the 100,000 Opportunities initiative are advocates in creating more opportunities for teens and young adults in both jobs and education. The effort will kick off with an Opportunity Fair and Forum in Chicago on Aug. 13th where companies expect to train more than 2,000 youth and make 200 job offers on the spot. Company leaders are hoping that they will “create pathways of opportunity for the literally millions of young people who can benefit from this program”

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José Andrés to Open in NYC

With the recent controversy of Donald Trump’s10-questions-jose-andres_608 disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants in his recent campaign post for the upcoming Presidential elections, José Andrés has backed out of a contract with Trump Hotels in Washington D.C. José Andrés says Trump’s stance makes it “impossible” for him to move forward with the restaurant on Trump property because more than half the team is Hispanic, and the chef himself is a Spanish immigrant. Donald Trump Jr. claims that José Andrés will still be held responsible for their 10-year leased contract and other fees for terminating their contract including possibilities of opening The Bazaar in another property within Washington D.C. However, José Andrés was surely able to find alternative measures to open a new restaurant, and instead of D.C his EL Bulli-style spherical olives and his Spanish restaurant The Bazaar has been rumored to be opening a SLS property in NYC. It is no surprise that José Andrés will be partnering with Hotel chain SLS as they have been longtime partners from the opening of his first location of The Bazaar at one of SLS’s properties in Beverly Hills. José Andrés is also serving as the hotel chain’s culinary director. While the rumor of José Andrés opening a restaurant in NYC still remains, some speculate that José Andrés is only advising in the development of the new Hotel SLS restaurant in NYC and has no intentions of opening in NYC. Nonetheless, many speculators are excited to see which new location José Andrés will enter.

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