The Good Batch Bakery Opens in Clinton Hill

A new bakery, The Good Batch, opened September 9th in Clinton Hill. Some of you may be familiar with The Good Batch as their team has been present at Smorgasburg serving up delicious ice cream sandwiches. The Good Batch in Clinton Hill serves morning pastries, cakes, ice cream sandwiches and many other delightful sweets and treats. The bakery has also been working hard to grow their new wholesale line. The bakery has a small  cafe in the front of the shop that has been warmly welcoming neighbors since their opening.

Be sure to check out the shops latest ice cream sandwich creation from Sous Chef Chloe: The Crispy. The Crispy is a gluten-free caramel rice crispy cookie filled with vanilla ice cream. Other items on the menu this weekend include the Goodwich (oat chocolate chunk cookie, sea salt, drizzled fudge, vanilla ice cream), the gluten-free Almond Toffee (almond toffee macaroon, toasted almonds, burnt sugar caramel, toffee candy, vanilla ice cream) and the Coffee Caramel (brown butter salty cookie, caramel cream, crushed espresso beans, coffee ice cream).

To check out some pictures of The Good Batch at 936 Fulton Street and their goodies, click here

Single Concept MatchaBar in Williamsburg

Matcha is a powdered green tea that has almost as intense of an energy kick as caffeine. Additionally, the finely ground matcha powder is full of all the same nutritional benefits as green tea. This traditional Japanese drink is currently offered in a few Japanese coffee shops throughout Manhattan (for example Bosie Tea Parlor in the west village). Now, however, it can be found in the new single-concept MatchaBar that opened in Williamsburg!

Owners Max and Graham Fortgang (brothers) import matcha directly from farms in Nishio, Japan and have created a menu based around the matcha powder. A few items that can be found at MatchaBar include matcha lattes, matcha tea, and a few dessert and food items that include matcha in the recipes catered by Watty & Meg, a farm to table neighborhood restaurant in Cobble Hill.

Beginning in a few weeks, the MatchaBar space will also double as a speakeasy at night. Check out the space at  93 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn (near North 10th Street). To read more about the opening of MatchaBar and to view some photos of the food and beverages, click here

Russ & Daughters Uptown at The Jewish Museum

Russ & Daughters, the purveyor of Jewish-American foods on the Lower East Side, plans to open a cafe in the Jewish Museum uptown on 92nd St and 5th Avenue early next year. Recently, Russ & Daughters opened Russ & Daughters Cafe on East Houston St next to its flagship store. The new cafe at the museum will be on the lower level and will also have a retail counter. Claudia Gold, Museum director, describes her thoughts on Russ & Daughter, “They’re really hip, and we want to try to make Jewish hip. We feel like the brands align.”

Niki Russ Federman, an owner of Russ & Daughters, is also excited for the collaboration, “We’re both important cultural institutions. We want to preserve tradition yet move ahead, so there’s a synergy in our values.” The fare at the new shop in the museum will be kosher and will not require museum admission to enter.  The 75-seat sit-down kosher café will have a selection of Russ 7 Daughter classics such as bagels, egg creams, herring, knishes and traditional homemade breads.

To read more about the partnership between Russ & Daughters and the Jewish Museum, click here

Egg Shop Open In Nolita

A new spot opened a few weeks ago in Nolita dedicated to serving eggs around-the-clock. Egg Shop is open from 8 a.m to midnight on weekdays and stays open an extra hour on the weekends. The concept was developed by Sara Schneider and Demetri Makoulis, two egg fanatics, along with the late chef of Smith and Mills, Nick Korbee.  The Egg Shop will be supplied with eggs they assure are coming from chickens raised on small farms in locavore distance to the shop.

A few dishes that can be found at Egg Shop include poached egg with miso and quinoa, egg salad with fried chicken on toast, and the classic Steak and Egg. To check out the full menu, click here. There is also the option on the menu for the guest to customize their own egg-and-cheese sandwich as this can sometimes be a very personal choice! For the guests who are not 100% fans of the egg-centric (no pun intended) menu, there are other options such as French Toast or a Greek yogurt served with home-made granola.

To read more about the casual eatery proudly showcasing the egg sandwich and to see some photos of the dishes, click here

Designer Bakeries Around The Globe

Cece Stelljes of Revamp Interior Design, a good friend and colleague of TaraPaige Group, has recommended we check out the rise of  the designer bakery phenomenon happening around the globe. It is true that over the past few years there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for healthy, organic, artisanal, all-natural, ancient-grain breads and baked goods. As this demand increased, so too did the price the guest was willing to pay for these products. It would follow that with the increase in quality and price would come the element of design; why not display beautiful product in a beautiful designer space?

Whilst the general notion of the design for a bakery has traditionally been rustic and/or “homey,” there has been more and more of a push towards modern and cool looking bakeries. Why not match the already visually appealing products to an aesthetically pleasing decor and design? The Cool Hunter has mapped out some designer bakeries found in Italy, Japan, Austria, Spain, Australia and Greece amongst others. The common design theme in these seems to be clean lines, textured surfaces and minimalist color schemes. The illusion of grandeur is also prevalent in these new designer bakeries, as is the case with Blé Bakery in Thessaloniki, Greece, which houses a 40ft tall wood oven – the world’s largest.

The other common factor is that these bakeries are, for the most part, centrally located in urban cities, which adds a good amount of drama and liveliness that comes from busy urban life; a sharp contrast to the more farm-feel bakeries. To check out some photos of the new sleek, minimalist designer bakery trend, click here 


Seasonal Food Offerings to Boost Sales

Let the pumpkin-flavored products begin! Beginning this week many chains are rolling out their seasonal pumpkin-flavored treats. McDonald’s will be offering their pumpkin-spiced latte beginning Labor Day, and Starbucks will roll out their PSL the following day. The pumpkin craze has increased over the past few years which has shown an increase in the demand for this seasonal treat. According to Nielsen, In 2013 pumpkin-flavored sales in the U.S increased 14%. This extra demand allowed for an 11% price mark up on pumpkin-flavored products according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Dunkin’ Donuts is also using the seasonal food offering as a strategic way to boost sales by introducing pumpkin coffees, muffins and of course doughnuts. Aside from the 200 million PSL Starbucks sold last year across its 11,700 U.S locations, it is also offering pumpkin scones, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, and pumpkin-flavored instant latte drinks. For this coming season, Dunkin’ is introducing a pumpkin creme brûlée coffee and Baskin-Robbins is rolling out a pumpkin-cheesecake flavored ice cream.

Coffee, doughnut and ice-cream chains are not the only ones to take part in this seasonal craze, packaged-food companies are also taking part. Quaker brand will be offering a pumpkin spiced instant oatmeal for the fall and General Mills Inc (GIS) will also be rolling out seasonal pumpkin-flavored products including Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, Yoplait yogurt and Betty Crocker cookie mix. Even Purina is jumping in on the action! Purina stated last month that they had introduced a salmon, egg and pumpkin blend of dry dog food.

To read more about how seasonal food offerings are key to boosting sales, click here

Burger King Acquiring Canadian Coffee Chain Tim Hortons

Burger King announces on Tuesday that they are acquiring the Canadian coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons in an $11 billion dollar deal. The aim is to convert Tim Hortons into a major player in the breakfast business in and outside of Canada. The new company will become one of the fastest growing fast food chains globally according to Burger King’s executive chairman, Alex Behring. Tim Horton’s could help Burger King become a part of the coffee and breakfast market within the USA which are currently controlled by Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s. CEO of Tim Horton’s, Marc Caira, has mentioned the chain plans to re-design the stores to include couches and fireplaces as part of the efforts to be more noticeable in the U.S. Both parties will benefit from the deal, as Caira states that Tim Hortons will “win much quicker” within the U.S with Burger King’s help.

The lack of brand recognition will cause a struggle for Tim Horton’s to establish a clientele, especially while Starbucks is expanding its breakfast offerings and TacoBell are launching a national breakfast menu. McDonald’s also has plans to amp up the marketing for their breakfast business. Hopefully the newly partnered companies of Burger King and Tim Hortons will be able to successfully compete. The chains will continue to run independently in the sense that whoppers will not be on Tim Hortons menus, neither will doughnuts be offered at Burger King. CEO of Burger King Daniel Schawrtz states, “There’s no plans to mix the products or do co-branding.”

The new company will have roughly $23 billion in sales and over 18,000 locations after the deal is complete early next year. To read more about the acquisition and implications, click here




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