New Shake Shack Dumbo

The new Shake Shack location in Dumbo opens today on the corner of Fulton St. and Water St directly across from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This location’s décor has a nautical vibe with sailboat images hung on the cedar plank walls that were stripped from old New York rooftop water towers. The burger chain’s new Dumbo location is the first to offer their Frog’s Leap “Shack Red” and “Shack White” wines on tap and not just in bottles. There are also a few other features that are only specific to this location. For instance:


  • The “Caramel Carousel,” made with a vanilla frozen custard base with bananas, caramel sauce, sugar cone pieces, and sea salt was inspired by Jane’s Carousel; a nearby tourist attraction.
  • The “Brooklyn Pie Oh My” consists of vanilla frozen custard blended with a slice of Four & Twenty Blackirds pie. Currently the Brooklyn Pie Oh My features a slice of strawberry-balsamic pie; the pie flavors will rotate.
  • Although not convenient in the summer, the gas-burning fireplace in the front window will definitely be a bonus come winter!
  • 5% of proceeds from the location-specific beverages will benefit the nonprofit “Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.”


To read more about the opening of Shake Shack’s new location, click here


Coffee Operators Driving Revenue Through Mobile Payments

There is a definite compatibility between specialist coffee shops and mobile payments due to the fact that their primary product is purchased at such a high frequency. Consumers purchase coffee daily (often multiple repeat purchases per day) and would benefit from a streamlined payment method and loyalty programs such as can be offered by mobile payment solutions. The consumer demographic is also most likely to participate in the mobile payment methods as it consists mostly of young students interested in technology and consumers who have easy access to mobile technologies.

While Starbucks was the first to launch its well-known loyalty program and mobile payment app years ago, third-party mobile payment technologies are now cropping up targeting independent coffee shops to help them drive revenue and better compete with larger chains such as Starbucks. CUPS is one example of a third-party mobile payment apps designed to engage consumers by providing incentives through loyalty programs that offer discounts and special offers based on their purchase history. BeansUP is another recently launched innovative app that allows consumers to set coffee pick-up times; this will allow for an enhanced consumer experience as the product is prepaid and the guest can avoid peak hour lines and pick up their coffee directly at the counter.

The increased demand for efficient, streamlined transactions will only continue to grow and these mobile technologies definitely help meet this need. In order for consumers to adopt mobile payment methods they must first be intrigued by the incentives and sign up for a subscription to their preferred coffee shop’s mobile app. As consumer engagement increases so too will the use of mobile payments and therefore help to drive traffic and revenues.

To read more about these two new innovative mobile payment technologies, click here


Rescue Plan for Crumbs Bakery

Marcus Lemonis, star of the CNBC show and CEO of Camping World and Good Sam Enterpries, decided to take action when Crumbs Bakery closed their doors last week. Lemonis is devising a plan to attempt to rescue the bakery by partnering with owners of ice cream brand Dippin’ Dots to not only loan money but also to outline a new strategy which involves incorporating more products into a larger sweets shop beyond just cupcakes.

For the moment Lemonis is financing the chain to get their doors back open but is still working on a plan to really bring the company back to life. The owners of Dippin’ Dots are already investors in Crumbs whose ultimate goal is to buy the company. Lemonis is seeking to involve the founders of Crumbs, Mia and Jason Bauer, throughout the process even if it is only at an advising capacity.

Lemonis, who hosts a reality show based on helping troubled companies return to turning a profit, stated,  “I don’t believe a single (product) cupcake business is viable in the long term,” Lemonis said. “It was originally envisioned as a bake shop.” Hopefully Lemonis’ plan will be successful and enable Crumbs Bakeshop to recover, stay open and do a complete turnaround.

To read more about Lemonis’ involvement in resuscitating the bakeshop, click here


New Amsterdam Market Comes To An End

The New Amsterdam Market has ended having hosted its last market on June 21st. The market will no longer be taking place on South Street in Lower Mahattan on the site of the Old Fulton Fish Market. Unfortunately, Robert LaValva, founder of New Amsterdam Market, informs the public that they did not manage to raise the funding necessary to ensure the survival of the organization. Sadly, more than one acre of the public space will soon be property of a suburban shopping mall developer.

The market had been growing in frequency ever since its opening seven years go. The market consisted of a community of businesses who prioritized fair trade and sustainable food production. The market created over 350 jobs and supported 500 food entrepreneurs during the 88 times the market was held. The New Amsterdam Market also hosted numerous events to celebrate regional fare and products.

To read more about the market’s fate, click here

Root & Bone: Southern Mecca in Alphabet City

Root & Bone, a traditional Southern food restaurant, opened last week in Alphabet City. After having worked together in Miami at the popular southern food restaurant Yardbird, Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth, both previous Top Chef contestants, partnered together to open their own restaurant in New York City. The menu is focused on a revival of rural and coastal American cooking that uses seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients of only the highest quality.

This concept has been long in the works and is finally open and creating a lot of buzz. Menu items include a fried chicken brined in sweet tea and served with tabasco honey, the classic southern shrimp and grits, a blue crab Waldorf salad and of course fried chicken and waffles. In case you weren’t salivating yet, Crystal Cullison, pastry chef at Root & Bone, is also offering delicious southern sweets such as Mississippi mud pie, coconut layer cake and a kitchen sink sundae!

The antique/farmhouse looking restaurant also has a takeout counter (The Little Root Market) which offers many options such as buckets of chicken, pie, sandwiches and soft serve from lunch through to late night. To take a look at the menu and some photos of the space, click here


Momofuko Milk Bar Baking Classes

Momofuko Milk Bar is offering a baking class series so participants can learn to make their sugary staples such as the legendary crack pie, birthday cake  and truffles. The class will be taught using the recipes out of the momofuko milk bar cookbook and will also include some newer recipes. Each class will be provided with the tools and ingredients to make the magic happen. Classes are open to all ages and culinary levels of expertise. The baking will take place at the Williamsburg production kitchen at 383 Metropolitan Ave between Marcy Ave and Havemeyer. The best part about these classes may be that participants can take home everything they bake… Here are the class hours:

Birthday Cake & Truffles:

  • Saturday July 12th, 11AM-1PM
  • Saturday July 19th, 11AM-1PM
  • Saturday July 19th, 3PM-5PM
  • Saturday July 26th, 3PM-5PM

Crack Pie & B’Day Truffles:

  • Saturday July 12th, 3PM-5PM
  • Saturday July 26th, 11AM-1PM

Classes cost $95 per participant and enrollment is open at any time. To read more about the bake the book series, click here

Up-Sell to Push Sales at Noodles & Company

Kevin Reddy, Chief Executive of the chain Noodles & Company, believes it is important for fast casual enterprises to compete not just on speed but on service as well. In order to push for more sales at dinner, Noodles & Company will be adding a free-floating server whose sole responsibility will be to up-sell. The server will approach customers and attempt to entice them with coffee, dessert, beer, wine, etc. The server will bring the items to the table and will not collect gratuity. This position will be considered as the Up-Sell specialist. Kevin Reddy believes this position will boost sales by 3 per cent.

For the past couple years Noodles & Company has been testing the up-sell service and expects to have these servers in all locations by the end of 2016.  Teddy believes the implementation of this position is stores is, “going to create a new niche at the high-end of fast casual that allows us to get some of the most important consumer needs from casual dining, a little elevated service, into a fast-casual concept.” Essentially the personalized service combined with a low-cost menu will help drive more consumers to the shop for dinner.

To read more about the Up-Sell specialist click here

Bar at The Ludlow Soft Opening

A new French restaurant is set to open in the brand new Ludlow hotel on Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side. Rich Torrisi, Jeff Zalaznick and Mario Carbone, known as the Torrisi Team of Major Food Group, are working together to put the last touches on the restaurant, Dirty French. In the meantime, so as not to keep us waiting too long, the Ludlow Lobby Bar will have a soft opening tonight!

The bar space is still having some minor work done, however the bar and outside seating area will be open tonight for anyone who wants to check it out and get a drink. David Waugh from Major Food Group’s ZZ Clam bar has been working with infamous drink-maker Dan Nicolaescu to create an exciting cocktail list. To check out the original cocktail menu and read more about the soft opening click here

Independence Day Oyster Bar by Pier 25

The Sherman Zwicker, the largest wooden vessel boat in New York City (142ft), will be docked all summer at Pier 25 in Tribeca starting on July 3rd. They will be hosting an Independence Day party to kick off the season. Tickets for the 4th of July event are $250 dollars and include amazing views of the Statue of Liberty and the fireworks. The event starts at 6PM and goes on to 10:30PM where guests can enjoy some oysters, wine, champagne, beer and special selections from the kitchen. The bar on the boat, Grand Banks, was devised by former Marlow & Sons and Diner partner Mark Firth and Double Happiness restaurateur Adrien Gallo. The bar serves nautically inspires cocktails, ingredient driven seasonal small plates and always sustainably sourced oysters.

In collaboration with the non-profit Maritime Foundation, maritime history exhibitions and lecture series on aquatic sustainability and seafaring culture will also be presented over the course of the summer.

To read more about the Sherman Zwicker click here



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