Here Come The Cake Doughnuts!

We, for one, could not be more excited about the arrival of cake doughnuts at our neighborhood doughnut shop, Dough. TaraPaige Group’s dear friend Fany Gerson, expert doughnut maker for Dough, has revealed that cake doughnuts will be making their debut in upcoming weeks. The three flavors they will be available in include apple-pear cider, chocolate malt, and buttermilk (or possibly sour cream, still deciding).

Dough has a location in Brooklyn at 305 Franklin Ave, as well as in Manhattan at 14 W 19th St, New York. Pies ‘N’ Thighs will also be soon introducing new sourdough doughnuts, so it is a great time for doughnut lovers in the city! For more details on the doughnuts or to see a picture of the doughnut maker, click here.

The Year of Pie

Pie has made quite the comeback and gained significant exposure and popularity this past year. There is no disputing the important presence of Four & Twenty Blackbirds in South Brooklyn (including their own custard flavor at Brooklyn Shake Shacks) and the success of Pies ‘N’ Thighs who will shortly be opening a Manhattan outpost. The latest pie haven on the scene can be found on Delancey Street in the Lower East Side and is run by Petra Paredez. Petra’s shop, Petee’s Pie Co., has been creating dozens of pie flavors since opening in November; some of these include: salty chocolate chess, butterscotch meringue and wild blueberry.

Inspired by the city’s new take to pies, Paredez and her husband Robert began to plan for their own pie shop with a focus on locally sourced ingredients; apples from the Hudson Valley, butter churned by Kriemhild Dairy Farms in Hamilton, organic wheat flour from Champlain Valley Milling upstate and buttermilk from Pittsford Farms Dairy outside Rochester. Paredez has said they will spend the winter sourcing even more local ingredients and hopes to turn not-so-convinced New Yorkers into pie aficionados. Paredez states, “It doesn’t make sense, it’s real food, made with real dairy, real fruit, real eggs. It’s not, like, a cupcake.” To check out some photos of Petee’s Pie Co.’s creations and for more background on the shop, click here.

Pies ‘N’ Thighs New Manhattan Location

The Brooklyn favorite Pies ‘N’ Thighs will be opening their first manhattan location today on the Lower East Side. Co-owners Sarah Sanneh and Carolyn Bane must be excited to have the gas turned on, Health Department inspection approved, and final touches finished for opening. The new 43 Canal St location has a lunch counter with retro stools as well as wooden booths and fun tiled floors. Fun fact: the retro stools at the lunch counter actually belonged to the original Pies ‘N’ Thighs on Kent Avenue that closed in 2008.

There will also be some new additions to the original menu. These additions include a cauliflower gratin, a chicken and dumplings soup, and a raw collard green salad with lime vinaigrette and smoked coconut. A new sourdough doughnut will also be introduced, which is promised by co-owner Sanneh to be the only thing of its kind in the city. Eventually there will also be some new sandwiches added to the menu. The usual menu suspects will of course be available, such as the fried chicken, biscuits and pies.

To read more coverage on the opening of the Manhattan Pies ‘N’ Thighs opening, click here

Potential New Bread-Only Bakery in NYC

Chad Robertson, the man behind San Francisco’s Tartine, has been spending a lot of time on the east coast recently, particularly in New York City. This has fans getting excited about the speculation that he may be opening up shop in New York. Robertson was spotted in Bushwick with the bakers at Roberta’s as well as spending time with Danny Bowien at Mission Chinese Food pre-opening giving out tips and advice on mastering the perfect pizza dough.

Hopefully the reports that Robertson is looking into a bread-only bakery concept in NYC are true. The shop would be run by a solo baker and would sell only what that baker could produce in a single day. Robertson mentioned last year that his hold up with opening a shop in New York was finding the ‘right person,’ on site; he stated, “I don’t have that New York person yet. It doesn’t work without that person.”

Robertson recently opened a new space in San Francisco as well as an outpost in Japan and one in London in the works. Although it seems unlikely that the NYC bread shop would happen in the near future, we are still hopeful! To read more about Chad Robertson’s rumored bread-only bakery in NYC, click here. 

Wahlburgers Coming To NYC

Wahlburgers is a fast growing burger chain founded by actor Mark Wahlberg’s brother, Paul Wahlberg. It seems like soon the burger chain will have many more franchises and make its first appearance in New York. The family’s expansion plans were announced last month and included franchises in Florida, Vegas, Philadelphia, and Canada. No less than seven outposts were promised in New York City and the family is acting fast on this promise!

The Wahlberg brothers sold their franchise rights to John Cestare, of Big Apple Burgers, who will be overseeing all the new Wahlburger outposts in the city. The first of these outlets is aiming for a May 1st open in Coney Island. A great portion of the success and populariy of the Massachusetts outpost is in no doubt due to the A&E reality show filmed in and around the burger chain that documents all the Wahlberg family antics, but we hope they do just as well or better as the family takes the franchise nationwide!

To read more about the expansion of the Wahlburgers Boston Burger Restaurant, click here

NYC Plastic Foam Ban In Eateries

Mayor De Blasio’s administration recently announced that beginning this July, New York City will be banning food establishments from using plastic foam containers. Mayor Bloomberg had originally suggested the ban, and de Blasio’s administration is seeing to it that NYC prohibit foam containers as they are clogging the countries landfills and are environmentally hazardous. De Blasio recently stated, “These products cause real environmental harm and have no place in New York City, we have better options, better alternatives, and if more cities across the country follow our lead and institute similar bans, those alternatives will soon become more plentiful and will cost less.”

The plastic foam ban in New York City will help progress towards the Mayor’s ambitious goal of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050 compared to its 2005 levels. The ban will be applicable to all food establishments including food carts, takeout containers and cups. What will Dunkin’ do! Even foam packaging will not be allowed to be sold within the city (i.e. the packing foam peanuts). Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia states,”While much of the waste we produce can be recycled or reused, polystyrene foam is not one of those materials; removing polystyrene from our waste stream is not only good for a greener, more sustainable New York, but also for the communities who are home to landfills receiving the city’s trash.”

The only exemption from the rule could be nonprofits and businesses with less than $500,000 in annual revenue, but only if they can prove that discontinuing the use of these materials would impact their financial health. For the first year, administration officials are also saying there will be no fines on violations of the ban. The Restaurant Action Alliance, a lobbying group, condemned the decision, suggesting that it would increase costs for eateries while saying that the city should instead focus on creating a plan to recycle the material.

To read more about the new ban in New York City on plastic foam in food establishments, click here


Food Startup Incubators in NYC

The Hot Bread Kitchen Incubator is a large space located in the neighborhood of East Harlem in Manhattan founded by Jessamyn Rodriguez. Hot Bread Kitchen runs a part of it’s operations by renting a more affordable kitchen space to food concepts that could benefit from a kitchen space without paying high commercial space rents. Hot Bread Kitchen helps different food startups tremendously to get their business off the ground. For example, Paula Barbosa prepares her Brazilian sweets, Brigadeiros, out of the HBK and sells most of her products online and in select food markets. Barbosa explains that after the Times gave her business, My Sweet Brigadeiro, a great review she found herself in a position where she was struggling to keep up with demand: “It was crazy – we were a fad and we weren’t ready…We didn’t even have a credit card machine and we were saying ‘yes’ to everybody. So we decided to rent kitchen space and do this the proper way.”

The other part of HBK’s business besides renting kitchen space to food startups is a bakery. The incubator employs roughly 50 people across both the incubator and bakery sections. The breads that are produced at the kitchen are then sold at various retailers and markets in New York including Whole Foods. Ms Rodriguez explains that besides the ability for the different startups to network and meet new people, the atmosphere in the kitchen is always busy and this is encouraging; “It’s inspiring for entrepreneurs, to see this constant production and delivery schedule. They get the message that if all goes well, they could end up like this.”

There is another similar food incubator run in Long Island City by Mr. Michael Schwartz called the Organic Food Incubator (OFI). Mr. Schwartz began his own business, BAO Food and Drink and decided to create the OFI to provide food startups with the resources and advice he wish he had when he launched BAO from recipe development to legal advice. The OFI centre is currently incubating 60 companies. One of the successful ‘graduates’ of the center, Ariel Glazer from Kombrewcha teas, states: “When you start a business you don’t know what you’re getting into, and if you need lots more time to develop the product it can kill your business…By doing it through an incubator, you don’t need to put up initial capital.”

To read more about the OFI incubator in LIC and the HBK incubator and bakery in East Harlem, click here.



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