New Food-Waste Recycling Plant in Long Island

imgresFood waste is a major growing concern for large cities. 20 percent of what goes into America’s landfills is food waste. New York City is finally building their own recycling plant in Long Island in efforts to improve landfills and its conditions. Yesterday Governor Cuomo announced that Yaphank, Suffolk County will be the home of the area’s first ever recycling plant. It is projected to be a 62-acre facility with one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest anaerobic digesters.

This new facility is estimated to keep 120,000 tons of food trash out of landfills every year, and to handle more than double the food waste processed by any similar facility in the state. The facility’s operator, American Organic Energy, hopes to take 100,000 tons of food waste the de Blasio administration wants diverted from landfills next year. There are also plans to accept organic waste directly from restaurants and supermarkets to potentially improve the overall recycling system in the metro area.

Moreover, the new infrastructure is implementing functions to recycle food waste and produce Miracle-Gro. This new recycling plant in Long Island is expected to revolutionize the up keep of landfills and the recycling system for the metro area.

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Sadelle’s Opens

20-fall-preview-sadelles-2.w529.h352Sadelle’s, one of the most anticipated restaurants to open this fall, has finally opened. Sadelle’s is named to be a leading competitor in this year’s trend of bagels. The bagel bakery boasts pastries, babka, bagels and bistro from baker Melissa Weller and the Major Food Group. Already, many are anticipating the bagels and lox. Moreover, as the Jewish holidays are in season, Sadelle’s opening fits perfectly into this fall’s trend.

Sadelle’s has opened their retail bakery from 8 AM- 3PM and is expecting to open their full restaurant menu next week.

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Burger King Agrees to Peace Day Collaboration

02-burger-king-peace-box.w529.h529Burger King has introduced it’s proposal for a collaboration with McDonalds last week, and while McDonald’s rejected their proposal many other fast food chains have reached out to Burger King in effort to partner with their Whopper to raise awareness for International Peace Day. Burger King has finally decided to forgo the McWhopper, and instead created a collaboration effort with the companies that have reached out to Burger King- Denny’s, Krystal, Wayback Burgers, Giraffas.

Burger King initially created packaging that contained both McDonald’s theme and Burger King’s but for this campaign, has resorted to a blue box labeled with “PEACE DAY BURGER.” Burger King has released that “Naturally, peace is all-inclusive and open to all…we’d like to build on your individual proposals to collaborate on Peace Day.” The one-day pop up store is already under construction and will be held in Atlanta.

Burger King has released their official offer through their social media platforms like twitter, and within five minutes Denny’s has agreed “we’re in! let’s hash it out over some hash browns.” While other companies have not confirmed their participating in the Peace Day Burger, many are anticipating this event.

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Love Calls to Burger King

UnknownAfter Burger King’s proposal to McDonalds for a collaboration burger in efforts to raise awareness to International Peace Day, other fast food restaurants are trying to get their share in the collaboration. McDonald’s has publicly announced that they have no intentions of collaborating with Burger King, but other fast food chains like Denny’s and Krystal are hoping to replace McDonald’s as an alternative collaboration partner. Denny’s has released a video with a potential “Slopper, SlamWhopper etc.,” a combination of the Whopper and Denny’s Bacon Slamburger. Krystal has also released a letter to Burger King, through their social media platforms, suggesting that they can be an alternative to McDonald’s.

However, while Burger King’s collaboration idea was in efforts to raise awareness to International Peace Day, a backfire from McDonald’s and other competitive fast food burger chains wanting to join in on Burger King’s “campaign,” lead to discredit of advocations of peace. The group behind International Day of Peace responded to tweets stating that “We have nothing to do with this ill conceived stunt…neither does peace…” Initially, Burger King’s collaboration proposal brought positive responses from Peace One Day, the organization that they would donate all profit to, as a representative said this type of exposure would increase awareness dramatically.

Burger King has yet to respond to both Denny’s and Krystal.

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McDonald’s Shoots Down Burger King Collab Idea

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.40.31 AMBurger King has recently launched a proposal to McDonald’s in efforts to support International Day of Peace. McDonald’s and Burger King has long been a rival in the fast food burger industry, but Burger King proposed to create a charitable cause where all profits would go towards the awareness group, Peace One Day by combining Burger King’s iconic Whopper and McDonald’s famous Big Mac.

Burger King has launched a website, that breaks down their proposed ideas for this campaign. The “McWhopper” would have 6 ingredients of both the Big Mac and of the Whopper. While it would be a one day pop up shop, the location would potentially be in Atlanta, Georgia, the half-way point between Burger King Headquarters and McDonald’s Headquarters. Burger King has even sketched potential employee uniforms and packaging that evenly share both McDonald’s theme colors and Burger King’s themed colors. In efforts to support and create awareness of the International Day of Peace, Burger King has also suggested that burgers be bought not through money but by declaring their very own “tray mat truces” where customers will “#settlethebeef with ” someone. Burger King has launched multiple distribution platforms, with their own website, youtube videos, advertisments and with social media.

While Burger King was open to negotiating the sketched proposal, McDonald’s has expressed that they have no intentions of collaborating with Burger King. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook has stated through Facebook and Twitter posts that while inspiration for a good cause is a great idea, the two brands could do something bigger to make a difference. “We commit to raising awareness worldwide, and hope that you [Burger King] will join us in a meaningful global effort.” Moreover, Easterbrook continues in his response “let’s acknowledge that between us there is simply a friendly business competition and certainly not the unequaled circumstance of the real pain and suffering of war. P.S. A simple phone call will do next time.”

McDonald’s hasn’t outright stated that they have rejected Burger King’s proposal, “We will be in touch soon” but has suggested through their social media posts and response that they have no intentions to raise awareness of International Peace Day with a collaboration with Burger King.

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Barclays Center Event: Tapped

27-tapped-beer-festival.w529.h529Barclays Center will host its first-ever beer festival. Barclays Center is home to the NBA team Brooklyn Nets, but with such a large and new facilities, new events are being put into the arena. On October 25, it will host a beer festival. Many lauded craft brewers like Florida’s Cigar City, Michigan’s Founders, New York’s War Flag are all expected to be participating in the event. This event will potentially attract all beer lovers and food lovers.

Food lovers will have the opportunity to taste celebrity chef Josh Capon’s Bash Burger, five-time winner of the New York Wine & Food Festival’s Burger Bash and other award-winning foods. Not only will craft beer, wine tasting and renowned foods be available but will also have interactive games like large-scale beer pong and Jenga. Moreover, Sunday Football will be streaming through TV’s.

General admissions tickets to each session of three hours is sold at $29 for early bird until September 2nd. The admissions ticket includes a souvenir cup and drink samples. VIP access tickets include early entrance 30 minutes prior to general admissions, and access to Calvin Klein Coursed Club, exclusive craft beer tastings, and televisions for Sunday Football games.

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Amazon delivers Alcohol within an Hour

UnknownAmazon’s new implemented delivery service in an hour, has expanded to providing delivery of beer, wine, and liquor. Amazon wants to offer all things delivery to all their Prime membership people. While this service is only available in Seattle, Amazon has high hopes of expanding the hour delivery service to other states in America.

Instant-alcohol is an upcoming market, and Amazon has taken their fair share into the market. Like every other order on the Prime Now app, delivery costs $7.99 for delivery within and hour, and free for two hours. Not only are residents of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland able to get one-hour delivery on tens of thousands of items like paper towels, Kindles, televisions, but also chilled and frozen items like milk, ice cream, wine, and beer.

Amazon’s entrance into alcohol delivery indicates the significance of the emerging markets of instant-alcohol, and of the importance of fast and efficient delivery services.

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